This one-of-a-kind office park celebrates rain the Portland way. A series of giant umbrellas showcases detailed bronze-work from a local artist while incorporating stormwater treatment and disposal in elegant fashion. The open space provides form and function to complement surroundings. (KPFF Project)

Sustainable Features:

  • LEED Gold certified.

  • Rainwater fountain is 100% driven by gravity—no pumps.

  • Nearly a half acre of roof runoff is collected from Oregon’s first symphonic roof drain system.

  • During rain events, the fountain spills into a bioswale for stormwater treatment and infiltration.

  • Swale overflow goes into an underground infiltration facility for second chance chance infiltration and annually eliminates hundreds of thousands of gallons of stormwater from entering the combined sewer.

  • The rainwater fountain is the focal point of a large open space that is an amenity for employees and the neighborhood.

See the POP II stormwater fountain in action!


  • NW Construction Best of 2010 Award

Nearby Attractions:

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