Sited near a tributary of the Tualatin River, this medical facility filters stormwater runoff through the wetlands of the Hedges Creek Marsh, relieving sewer systems and helping to sustain a thriving ecosystem. (KPFF Project)

Sustainable Features:

  • Incorporation of public storm runoff into a private stormwater treatment facility.

  • Extension of regional wetland habitat into the site, enhancing landscape aesthetics in this urban environment.

  • Incorporation of a singular roof scupper cascading the water across a full height curtain wall, through the treatment facility and out to the wetland--an artistic approach to downspout disconnect.‚Äč

  • Regional quantity control through the use of large aesthetically-designed oversized detention ponds. Natural habitat creation as an unintended result.

  • Development of an integrated yet decentralized approach to stormwater management for the approximately 15-acre site.

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Medical Office Building